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Webinars & Video Guides

Welcome to our library of pre-recorded webinars and video guides. Learn practical design tips, visual communication best practices and marketing strategies from our team of experts.


Daily at 12:00 PM [EST]

[Free Course] Infographics 101

How to Summarize Information & Present it Visually

Midori NedigerSenior Product Designer, Venngage

60 Minutes | How to Summarize Information & Present it Visually

Information Designer Midori shares her process for turning information into stunning infographics. Learn how to summarize and visualize reports, blog posts, and more.

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Daily at 1:00 PM [EST]

[Free Webinar] Designing for Accessibility

How to be an Accessible Employer to Widen Your Audience Scope

Alice CornerContent Marketer, Venngage

60 Minutes | How to be an Accessible Employer to Widen Your Audience Scope

Accessibility starts with how you design your communication materials. In this session, you will get actionable tips and useful advice for making sure that your designs are as accessible and inclusive as possible.

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Daily at 1:00 PM [EST]

[Free Webinar] Growth By Content

From Zero to Hero

Nadya KhojaChief Growth Officer, Venngage

60 Minutes | From Zero to Hero

Learn how Venngage went from 0 to 1,200,000 monthly website visits from SEO alone, and the wins and losses the company faced along the way.

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Daily at 10:00 AM [EST]

[Free Webinar] Venngage for Business

How to Use Venngage for Business

Jessica BruschCustomer Success Manager, Venngage

60 Minutes | How to Use Venngage for Business

Discover new ways to use Venngage, managing multiple projects more quickly with our time-saving features. Start innovating for your business today!

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Video Guides

17 Minutes | How to Make an Infographic in 5 Steps

Learn how to make an infographic in 5 easy steps with this episode of Infographics 101. Sara walks you through how to plan and create the perfect infographic - no design experience needed.

17 Minutes | How to Make a Timeline Infographic

Timeline infographics. Perfect for project management, event planning, history lessons, and forecasting. Want to learn how to make your own? We've got you covered.

15 Minutes | How to Create an Annual Report

All the tips and tricks you need to make an annual report. If you're a small business, a non profit or a charity, a start up, a freelancer, a consultant, or more - an annual report can be an easy way to showcase your work.

10 Minutes | What is a SWOT Analysis & How to Make One

What is a SWOT analysis? How do you create a SWOT analysis? This video guide is full of SWOT analysis tips and templates to help you create a strong evaluation.

10 Minutes | How to Design a Presentation

This quick presentation design guide will show you the essentials for making a presentation that holds your audience’s attention.

3 Minutes | What is Branding?

Whether you're branding your business or branding yourself, this complete introduction will give you the necessary information you need in order to make smart decisions about building a brand.