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Educational Resources
Help Center

Venngage Accessible Design Tool

Create accessible designs your whole audience can appreciate, regardless of circumstances, disabilities or impairments.

Venngage Accessible Design Tool

Creating with Venngage's accessible templates guarantees design that's both inclusive and visually captivating. 40,000+ businesses already use Venngage's free accessible templates!

Trusted by

Accessible templates ensure inclusivity in every pixel

Choose from hundreds of accessible templates. See all accessible templates

See all templates

Create accessible content with ease

AI-Powered solutions for inclusive design and compliance.

Create accessible content with ease

Pick accessible colors effortlessly with the power of AI. Our color panel's built-in contrast checker adheres to WCAG and provides instant feedback.

Create accessible content with ease

Ensure inclusivity with AI-powered alt-text generation. Our system efficiently creates accurate descriptions for images, illustrations, and generates summaries for charts.

Create accessible content with ease

Cover all your accessibility testing needs. Automatically check for compliance issues, like contrast, document language, text tags, and more.

Create accessible content with ease

Discover a wealth of accessible design examples. Our library offers ADA and WCAG-compliant templates, making design and data comprehension accessible and efficient.

How to make an accessible design in 5 steps:

Sign up for Venngage for free using your email, Gmail or Facebook account.
Choose an accessible template or one of our thousands of template options.
Add important text and information. Improve your text with AI and check your contrast with the color tool.
Choose from over 40,000 stunning icons, stock photos and fonts to bring your design to life. Use the AI alt text generation for clear image descriptions.
Before completing your design, use the Accessibility Checker and Visual Simulator to fix any issues. Download your design or share it as a private link.
Venngage editor showing features such as team sharing, pie charts, word clouds, and graphs.

Leave no audience behind with Venngage

Visual Simulator

Visual Simulator

The Visual Simulator helps you explore filters, black and white, or blur to improve accessibility for people with visual impairments.

Color Contrast Checker

Color Contrast Checker

Easily assess and enhance color contrast in real time with our Color Contrast Checker, built right in the editor.

AI-Generated Alt Text

AI-Generated Alt Text

Effortlessly enhance accessibility with our AI-Generated Alt Text. Ensure your visuals have clear descriptions with the click of a button.

AI Chart Summaries

AI Chart Summaries

Simplify pie charts, graphs, and more. At the touch of a button, transform complex data into easily understandable descriptions.

Accessibility Checker

Accessibility Checker

Our in-built checker It automatically detects compliance issues and allows you to edit the order in which your document is read.

Expert Support

Expert Support

Got a question? We're here to help. Our support team is available 24/5, so your team can have assistance whenever they need it.

Create accessible designs
Accessibility features in Venngage's editor, including an accessibility checker  and alt text feature.

Prioritize inclusive design with AI-generated tools

Accessibility isn't just a nice to have. It creates an equal opportunity for any person to engage with your content. But with most digital design tools, accessibility is an afterthought.

Venngage's accessibility tool makes inclusivity an integral part of the design process. Designing with Venngage will help ensure your content is fully inclusive. No barriers, no one left behind.

Visit the "Accessible" category on our templates page for a wealth of accessible design examples. All the templates in this category follow accessible design best practices. In other words, they have alt text, text tags and correct contrast already applied.

Create compliant designs with automatic testing

Making sense of accessibility guidelines and creating compliant designs can be complicated — especially if you're not a professional designer who's well-versed in the intricacies of color contrast and text hierarchy.

With automatic accessibility testing, Venngage demystifies design compliance. Just click "Check Accessibility" before completing your design. Then, you'll get a list of issues detected (if any) with suggestions for resolving them, simple as that.
Venngage editor showing features such as brand colors, and the accessibility logo.
Venngage editor simulating a design from different color blindness perspectives.

Accessible data visualizations for everyone

Data is already pretty overwhelming for some people, so make it more approachable and compelling with Venngage's Infographic Charts. These charts can be added to literally any infographic or graphic in our template library.

Add a graph, chart, or data visualization such as pie charts, line graphs, or bar charts to any of our infographic templates in seconds.

With Venngage you can turn your complicated data into something that your team or customers can read and get value from.

Share your designs in an accessible format

When you're ready to wow the world with your design (okay, or just your team members!), just click the "Share" button for options.

Hint: this is when you'll be prompted to check your design for accessibility, too.

Once your design is ready to go, you have two options:

  • Share a private link with your audience — this link will show your latest design, even if you make updates after sharing it.
  • Download your design in an accessible PDF/UA format to ensure screen readers can parse the content.
  • Venngage editor showing features such as folders, sharing, and multiple documents


    How can I use Venngage's accessibility tool?

    To start using our tool, just sign up with your email, Facebook or Gmail account. It's free!

    What is accessible design and why is it important?

    Accessible design is all about creating an equal opportunity for people to engage with your content regardless of factors like blindness or visual impairment, temporary injury, dyslexia or other learning disabilities, situational barriers and more. Prioritizing accessible design is important because it removes barriers and ensures everyone can perceive, understand and enjoy content. What's more, accessible design benefits those without impairments as well by making content more legible overall.

    What qualifies as an accessible design?

    If a design follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), then it can be considered compliant and accessible. These guidelines specify best practices for accessible design, like proper color contrast ratios, alt text, document language and more. To make compliance simpler, Venngage's accessibility checker automatically identifies elements in your design that don't adhere to these standards and provides suggestions for fixing these issues.

    Try Venngage's accessibility tool for online design today — we add new templates every week!

    Create accessible designs

    Explore our accessible design templates

    Create accessible designs