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Educational Resources
Help Center

AI Infographic Generator

Create stunning infographics to visualize business processes, data visualization, and for marketing reports without any design experience.

AI Infographic Generator

Not a designer? No problem. With our easy-to-edit infographic templates and AI Infographic Generator, anyone can create an amazing infographic in minutes. Join over 40,000 businesses today in using AI Infographic Generator.

Trusted by

Design from one of our infographic templates

Choose from thousands of infographic templates See all infographic templates

See all templates

Features of AI Infographic Generator

Features of  AI Infographic Generator

Anyone can create the perfect infographic with Venngage's free AI Infographic Generator and hundreds of professional, creative infographic templates.

Features of  AI Infographic Generator

Turn survey data into an informative infographic or break down reports into a statistical infographic for anyone to understand.

Features of  AI Infographic Generator

Outline your innovative customer onboarding process with a process infographic. Or simply rank your favorite content marketing tactics with a list infographic.

Features of  AI Infographic Generator

Whatever your industry or subject, Venngage's free Infographic creator makes it simple to create an engaging custom infographic.

How to make an amazing infographic in 5 steps:

Explore Venngage's hundreds of easy-to-customize infographic templates and use the search tool and pre-set categories to find your perfect match.
Create a free Venngage AI Infographic account using your email, Google, or Facebook profile.
Use our drag and drop editor to add your information, data, and more to the infographic template. Change the text, fonts, colors, and backgrounds with a few clicks.
Upgrade your infographic with some of our free 40,000+ diverse icons and illustrations
Download your infographic as a PNG or PDF, or use a private link to share it directly with your team.
How to make an amazing infographic in 5 steps:

The AI Infographic Generator is easy to use and powerful

Customizable Infographics

Customizable Infographics

Not a designer? No problem. Our infographic templates are designed so that anyone can quickly and easily customize them for eye-catching designs.

User-Friendly Editor

User-Friendly Editor

The simple drag-and-drop Venngage editor is easy to use. You can swap out text, images, icons, and add data to your infographic with just a click of a button.

Export to PNG, PDF, or PowerPoint

Export to PNG, PDF, or PowerPoint

Easily share your infographics as images by downloading them as PNG or PDF. Add them to documents or use them in slides for PowerPoint.



Add infographics into presentations with ease. DesignAI automates presentation design for you - saving you hours.

24-Hour Priority Support

24-Hour Priority Support

Got a question? We're here to help. Our support team is available around the clock, so your team can keep working like clockwork.

Royalty-Free Stock Photography

Royalty-Free Stock Photography

Integrations with Pixabay and Pexels elevate your infographics. Access stunning, professional photography with just one click.

Easy-to-customize infographic templates for a variety of uses

Easy-to-customize infographic templates for a variety of uses

With the Venngage Infographic tool and our infographic templates, you can create basically any type of infographic.

  • Brainstorming and collaboration: Ask team members to share feedback in real-time, comment on infographic designs, and save your infographics as templates for future use.

  • Use Venngage's infographic templates: You can save 20+ hours of design time with our collection of easy-to-edit infographic templates. Our professional designers have done all the heavy lifting and complicated design work.

  • Choose from numerous infographic template categories: From interesting statistical infographics templates to comparison infographic templates, we have creative infographic templates that will make your information a lot more engaging.

  • There are hundreds of new infographic templates added to the Venngage library each month. As well as new posters, reports, data visualizations and more!

    Real-time collaboration and editing

  • Create an infographic in record time by working on it with your whole team using our real-time collaboration and editing tools.

  • Now everyone on your team can work on a single infographic in the AI Infographic Generator, without having to wait until someone else is finished.

  • You can create an infographic quicker and spread the work around to your entire team or organization.
  • Real-time collaboration and editing
    Professional data visualizations

    Professional data visualizations

  • Data is already pretty overwhelming for some people, so make it more approachable and compelling with Venngage's Infographic Charts. These charts can be added to literally any infographic or graphic in our template library.

  • Add a graph, chart, or data visualization such as pie charts, line graphs, or bar charts to any of our infographic templates in seconds.

  • With Venngage you can turn your complicated data into something that your team or customers can read and get value from.
  • Boosting Qualified Leads with Strategic Infographics

    Attracting qualified leads is a struggle many face, but infographics offer a powerful solution.

    They tackle this problem by addressing audience pain points with engaging, relevant content, and present complex data in a visually appealing way. The result is a stronger connection with potential leads, making them more likely to engage and convert.

    By understanding and speaking the language of the audience through well-crafted infographics, businesses can build trust, save efforts on chasing unproductive leads, and foster lasting relationships that benefit the brand long-term.
    how to increase number of qualified leads with infographics


    How do I download a Venngage infographic template?

    You can download your infographic template, from the AI Infographic Generator with a few clicks as a PNG, PDF or Interactive PDF.

    How much does Venngage cost ?

    Anyone can start creating an infographic for free and share it with the world. But there are some professional features that are included in our Premium ($19/month) and Business ($49/month) subscriptions that aren't available to everyone.

    What type of infographic templates does Venngage have?

    We have hundreds of well designed infographics templates that our professional designers have created to make it easy for anyone to use.

    Try the AI Infographic Generator today. Select any of our stunning infographic templates to start


    Get started with one of our top infographic templates from the AI Infographic Generator